What are knee wraps?
The knee wrap is the same as wrist wrap in terms of their usage and advantages. Knee wraps are also an “Ace” bandage, apart from that they are a lot thicker and stronger. The elastic material used to make the knee wrap is similar to the one used in wrist wraps. The acceptable width for knee wraps is 8 cm (3 inches), even though they can sometimes be 2.0 meter, 2.5 meters or 3.5 meters long.

Types of Knee Wraps include:

  • Prophylactic
  • Unloader or Offloader
  • Rehabilitative
  • Functional

Knee wraps – how to use them efficiently:
Knee wraps are common for power-lifters; it is the most important accessory, you will see them wearing knee wraps when they train and take part in competitions. It helps out them in
performing jerks, squats, cleans, and also helps to avoid the threat of severe injuries during your exercises. Knee wraps must not cover up the calf muscles and should not go above than the higher region of the thigh. Knee wraps could be wrapped either in a zigzag around the kneecap or wrap up in a curved form around the knee.
Any of the two different styles for wearing knee wraps will work well. This depends on the preference of the individual lifter. Make sure you wrap it tightly over your knee and keep your leg straight.

There are some important things to pay attention when using knee wraps:

  • Firmness:

During trainings, you can wrap up your knees a bit loosely to allow blood flow. For a weight-
lifting competition, it is perfect to wrap your knee tightly.

  • Length of stretch:

The best thing about this creation is that it is strong yet flexible enough to give appropriate
support. The more you stretch your wrap, the more tightly it will cover up your knees. The length of 72″ is enough to offer you the desirable stretch from your wrap. Ensure you cover up your knees upright, diagonally and horizontally.

When and who can put on knee wraps?
There are numerous advantages of wearing knee wraps. Professional power-lifters wear knee wraps during competitions. Knee wraps are also worn by people who engage in an extremely
heavy set of weight lifting repetitively.

  • Knee wraps prevents knee injury:

The principal use of a knee wrap is to help out in caring the lifter’s knees from harm. They care for the knee joint and perform as a durable set of tendons during the squats to boost the explosive power out of the bottom. It helps to offer support if you have previously suffered a knee injury

  • They let you to haul up more weight:

You can lift more weight by using the knee wrap, depending on how firmly it is wrapped up and the kind of wrap used.