The innovative Mava knee support straps were prepared to resolve all your frustrations and keep you at ease. knee wraps are a must-have for weightlifters and power-lifters. buy knee wraps if you are squatting something above 80% to 85% of the maximum weight you lift or else there is a problem with your knees that make you wear wraps. you can wrap them around your knees with a loose knot to stay warm and enhance the flow of blood around your knees.

Mava Knee Wraps Features:

  • Extremely comfortable – high performance
  • Stretchable High Performance flexible Fabric, easy to adjust according to diverse compression requirements.
  • Additional Support and simple to adjust
  • This 72 inch Extendable length wrap can be utilize as knee brace, knee band, knee sleeve, knee protector all thanks to user-friendly material, design and its hook and loop closure system
  • NO MORE loose ends as it offers easy to use Hook and Loop closing, 1 Set of 2 Mava Sports Knee Wraps
  • Plastic storage bag to help you keep your knee wraps structured and clean. These Knee Wraps were made for Men and Women who would like a more professional knee support, relieve and safety.
  • Non-slippery-These wraps would not slip, unfold or fall. Stronger material offers finest support for intense squats, leg presses, cross training, and high amount of lifting

If you had problem when choosing the knee wraps, go for it as this will ease you in doing the squats correctly.


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