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Our Dumbbell Workout Poster will help you In Building Muscle and Transforming your Body.
When you need strength and large muscle? Or if you like an extra muscular body? But cannot
perform exercises in your daily routine. Or in case, you are not sure what to do to build up
particular muscles?
Our Dumbbell Workout poster will give you an idea about the best exercises to build the muscles
you would like. The dumbbell poster is particularly designed to show you how to perform the
necessary exercises to form the muscles you wish to have. Simply go around 33 exercises (we
suggest choosing at least 2 from every section, 3 set of 10-15 repetitions) and swapping to
different exercises in every workout so you never get tired of doing this.
This poster is approved by Certified Physical Trainers with more than 15 years experience who
have assisted people in achieving severe results. Resistance or weight training workouts collapse
your muscles and your muscles can get painful and when your body recreates those muscles,
they appear to be much stronger and bigger in size. Attach more weight & do again.

The Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster Features:

  • Simple, self-explanatory graphics that show how to do every exercise
  • A lifetime’s need of workout options
  • separated by muscle groups targeted
  • Metallic silver ink finest printing
  • Made in the USA!

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